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Five Techniques for Getting More Deep Sleep

by RIck Clerici on 04/16/13

I hope I've raised your interest in getting more "deep sleep". Here's a short list of real remedies and how they raise your level of deep sleep.

·         Relaxation and stress management: Relaxation is a key to good sleep and especially deep sleep. Using good relaxation and sleep recordings can be a tremendous help. The regular use of good recordings can help you to fall asleep in a relaxed body that's more likely able to enter and spend time in deep sleep.

·         Caffeine: Try and stop caffeine intake at noon. Caffeine is in many products and sodas besides coffee. Many people are sensitive to the effects of caffeine. It can make your sleep fragile and easy to break. It seems to compromise the amount of deep sleep we get.

·         Exercise: Regular exercise has been shown to increase the overall amount of deep sleep. Walking, yoga, martial arts and weight training can help a person get more deep sleep.

·         Body Pain: The pain of arthritis and injuries can compromise deep sleep. Exercise, massage and  chiropractic can help manage pain and increase deep sleep. Be careful with pain killers. The simpler over the counter medications can be effective but watch dosage. There are ointments that can soften pain and herbs like ginger that can help manage pain.

·         Restless legs: This condition whether mild or sever can fragment sleep and reduce deep sleep. Taking care of this condition with baths, massage, chiropractic or acupuncture can be helpful. More severe cases can benefit from some of the current medications.


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